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Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons

  • 千叶翔也 古川慎 七海弘希 堀江瞬 江口拓也 岛崎信长 永冢拓马 矢野奖吾 增田俊树 苍井翔太 
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  • 2021 


Many people like to say:"Tomorrow will be better." People always have expectations of tomorrow instead of making full use of today ,which was wasted.Having a hug with today means we must relish today. We should learn how to relish the time. You can't experience yesterday as it had already gone. And you ca't see tomorrow's sun as well for it has not yet come. In fact, what we have is and will be only today. Specifically, the right moment just before you, not anything elase, is what you have .The passed is passed, tomorrow needs efforts. Life is made up of continuous "now" .Only when you make every "now" happy, honest and intelligent, you will have a good life. today is a blank white paper, if you do nothing, it will be blank absolutely forever. Gone are the passed days until they fade away but today's blank will accompany with you till you end your grey life. It is pity for your ignorant of today; it is stupid for your regardless of taday;it is a great loss if you give up today. what you should know and exercise is grasp today tightly. when you welcome every day with delight. you have today and a bright future. Having a nice toady means you have a complete life. Embrace today and tomorrow is ours!